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Why Choose Dataroot Asia?

01. Latest Technology

We believe the newer version, the better. Thus we alway ship the latest version of the software to customer. You get the smartest, fastest and safest product that truely serves your business.

02. One-Stop-Service

We build tailor-made software and also sell software package. This defines us as one-stop-service for you. You can order us an unique system specific to your company. Or an industry-standard system adapted to your requirements.

03. Team Work

In order to offer a wide variety of services to customer, it is crucial that we work as a team and have specific skilled staff taking care of each part of the project. Talking to customer, coding, delivering innovative products are part of the roles that define our team.

04. Certification

We are the official partner of Odoo. We have access to it's support, technical aspects, licenses and insights. Furthermore our Thai localization of the product has been certified by the Thailand Revenue Department. This guarantees that our software is conform to Thai Tax regulation.

05. Passion

We build software with passion. We like to be seen as a technology leaders. We work with partners, start-ups that want to change the world. And we take great pride in designing, developing and deploying great solutions.

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