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Web & Mobile Development

Customized Business Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Dataroot, we believe in the power of technology to transform your business. That's why we focus on delivering solutions that are as unique as your needs. We utilize a blend of leading platforms, open-source technologies, and modern development frameworks to provide tailored software that aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Our team of experts specializes in customizing and implementing Odoo ERP and Zoho CRM, two of the industry's most trusted platforms. To provide an additional layer of customization and flexibility, we leverage the Frappe Framework—an open-source, full-stack framework that enables us to create bespoke web and mobile applications that enhance your existing systems.

We also employ leading-edge technologies like React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This enables us to create dynamic, high-performance frontend applications that can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for a smooth and cohesive user experience.

The open-source nature of these technologies, including Frappe and React, ensures ongoing improvements by a global community of developers, leading to robust, secure, and cutting-edge solutions. It also offers complete transparency and eliminates licensing costs, providing more cost-effective and customizable solutions for your business.

Frappe's standout feature, ERPNext, provides a robust foundation for our custom applications. This means we don't have to start everything from scratch. We can customize ERPNext or build upon its existing applications, providing a faster and more efficient development process.

Our unique approach allows us to design systems where a single user only interacts with one application, be it Odoo, Zoho, or the custom frontend application we build. This user-centric design simplifies the user experience, reduces the learning curve, and increases productivity.

Example Use Cases for Our Custom App Development Service:

1. Sales Dashboard: A real-time sales dashboard built on ERPNext, presenting data directly from your Odoo or Zoho system.

2. Customer Portal: A Frappe-based customer portal allowing your customers to view order history, track shipments, and manage their accounts.

3. Inventory Management: A custom inventory management app integrating with your ERP to provide real-time inventory tracking and alerts.

4. Field Service App: A mobile app for your field service team to access and update job information on the go, powered by ERPNext's robust backend capabilities.

5. Custom CRM Features: Enhancements to your Zoho CRM such as advanced contact management or lead scoring, tailored to your sales process.

6. Supplier Portal: A supplier portal, built on ERPNext, enabling your suppliers to manage their orders, invoices, and inventory effectively.

7. Advanced Reporting: A reporting tool leveraging Frappe and ERPNext's robust data handling capabilities, delivering insightful analytics based on your Odoo or Zoho data.

8. HR App: An HR app leveraging ERPNext's human resource management features for streamlined management of employee records, timesheets, leave, and more.

9. E-commerce Integration: A custom app linking your e-commerce platform with your Odoo ERP, ensuring synchronized product listings, orders, and inventory.

10. Project Management Dashboard: A comprehensive project management tool built on ERPNext, integrating with your Odoo or Zoho for a holistic view of your projects, tasks, and deadlines.

At Dataroot, we don't just deliver software. We deliver solutions. Reach out to us today to discover how we can help your business unlock its full potential with our expert blend of technology and customization.

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